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Food For Thought

At AT Dental Health we could eat almost anything and everything, but there are some foods that are especially our favourites. Eating a variety of foods not only keeps our body healthy and happy but also ensures that are teeth remain strong health. By ensuring that our teeth are getting the right nutrients and vitamins, we are able to assist in preventing gum disease and decay.

Here are some of the best foods for teeth and oral hygiene:


Cheese is a major source of protein and calcium which ensures that our teeth remain strong, and healthy. Furthermore cheese can assist in counteracting the high levels of acidity in our mouth, which combats acidic erosion of our teeth. That means you have permission to enjoy all the amazing cheese platters!

Carrots and apples

Carrots and apples are not only full of fiber, but the crunchiness of them promotes saliva production in the mouth. Increased saliva can assist in reducing the likelihood of cavities.


In order to ensure that all the cheese you are eating is benefiting your teeth, an adequate of vitamin D is also needed. Vitamin D assists in absorbing calcium into our bones, ensuring that our teeth are strong. Fish is high in vitamin D, so ensure you are balancing your fish and cheese proportions.


We love water! It keeps us hydrated, refreshed and also helps in ensuring our teeth are healthy. Water assists in the proper breakdown in food and the neutralisaiton of acid in the mouth. Water is free and we love it!


Here are just a few foods that can assist in maintaining great oral hygiene. Enjoy a variety of foods, nothing is better than a well balanced diet!