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Dental Tourism: Things to Check Before You Go

Sun, relaxing,and discounted dental work sounds like an ideal holiday. The idea of dental tourism or dental holidays have risen in popularity over the last decade. It can be enticing to travel overseas to receive dental treatment at a discounted rate, however there are severalĀ  things that need to be considered before you go on a dental holiday.

Dental standards

Australia has strict standards that all dental practitioners must meet and follow. However often in countries such as Thailand, Vietnam or the Philippines the dental standards are not as strict as in Australia. Therefore practices such as infection control and procedures may not be of the same standard as in Australia.

Procedures and timing

Often dental procedures that are planned for holidays, tend to be major dental procedures. These procedures often require multiple and consistent visits to ensure effective treatment. While on holiday you may only allocate a limited time to receive treatment, which may result in unfinished dental treatment or unresolved dental issues.

What if something goes wrong?

In Australia, there are industry bodies and dentists that will be liable for any dental procedure that goes wrong. However in other countries it cannot always be guaranteed that there are these measures put in place if there is a mishap with treatment. It is essential that you consider and plan for an issues that may arise from receiving treatment overseas, whether that be travel insurance or being aware of dental industry bodies that can be of assistance.

It is important to check the potential dentists dental training and experience before you receive treatment overseas. Ensuring that you are comfortable and informed of all the practices and treatment that will occur is imperative.